<menuitem> tag

HTML5 <menuitem> tag

The <menuitem> defines a list of menu items (command) that the user can invoke from a popup menu. 

As this tag is deprecated in HTML5 (removed from the specification of HTML5), you should avoid using it.

It is better to use the <ol><ul> or <li>  tags.

<menuitem label=”value”>

Example - Works only in Mozilla Firefox

<menu type ="context" id ="clickmenu">
  <menuitem label ="HTML Tutorials" onclick =""></menuitem>

Default CSS Value


Difference between HTML4.01, XHTML and HTML5

NA NA It was new tag added in HTML5 and later Deprecated also.

Attributes used with <menuitem> tag

The attribute below is a mandatory attribute with the <menuitem> tag-

Attribute Description
label Sets the label name for the menu item using a text

The attributes shown below are the optional attributes which can be used with the tag-

Attribute Description
checked To select the command/ menu item once the user loads the page. To set this to true, you should code the value checked with the type="radio" or type="checkbox".
command To define an ID of a different element to invoke a command indirectly.
default This takes a boolean value to inform that the menu item/command is a default command.
disabled This attribute disables the items of the command/menu item.
icon This attribute sets the URL of the icon to insert in the command/menu.
radiogroup For type="radio", this attribute can be use to toggle the name of the group(group_name) of commands when the command/menu item is also toggled.
type To define the type of menu item/command list. It can be checkbox, command or radio. It is always recommended to set the type attribute.

Global Attributes

The <menuitem> tag supports Global attributes.

Event Attributes

The <menuitem> tag supports Event attributes.

Supporting Browsers

None of the browsers except Mozilla Firefox  support this tag.

The Mozilla Firefox 8 and after versions supports the context menus of this tag.

menu tag supporting browsers

Related Tags

<ol>, <ul>, <li>  or <menu> tags.

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