<abbr> tag

HTML <abbr> tag

The <abbr> defines abbreviations. Abbreviations acts as short form of words or phrases.

WTC –  World Trade Center
ATM –   Any Time Money
CBSE – Central Board of Secondary Education

When you code this tag for a particular word, then it shows the expanded form of the word when you mouse-over it.

<abbr title=”expanded form of word/phrase“>word/phrase</abbr>;

In the example below, when you move your mouse over “WTC”, it shows ‘World Trade Center’.


<p>The <abbr title="World Trade Center">WTC</abbr> situated in New York City.</p>
<p>The collapse of the towers spread dust across New York City and left hundreds of thousands of tons of debris at the site.</p>

Default CSS Value

display: inline;

How Browser will display


Difference between HTML4.01, XHTML and HTML5

None NA None

Attributes used with this tag

Attribute Description
title To show the expanded form of the word or phrase when the user mouse-over it.

Global Attributes

The <abbr> tag supports Global attributes.

Event Attributes

The <abbr> tag supports Event attributes.

Supporting Browsers

supporting-browsers for tags

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