Java vs PHP

Java Vs PHP

Both Java and PHP are very powerful languages.

PHP is a scripting language but some developers call this as Programming language because you can code almost any kind of website using PHP. So, going forward, most of the developers started believing that PHP is a programming language.

On the other hand, Java is a Programming language which is extremely powerful.

Difference between PHP and JavaScript

Most of the software developers who want to start their career in Web development are confused on whether they should choose JavaScript or PHP as the main career option. Here are few difference you must know before you choose any of them-

  • Open Source – Both PHP and Java are open source.
  • Support – PHP has a large number of the developer base and support forums compared to JavaScript.
  • Smaller and Mid-level projects – For smaller and mid-level projects, PHP is slightly better compared to Java.
  • Large and complex projects – For Larger projects, Java is slightly better than PHP
  • Performance – Both have great performance. When multiple threads are involved, Java is slightly better than PHP
  • Ease of development – PHP is very easy to learn and implement. Java is also easy and implement but if you compare with PHP, then PHP sites are relatively easier to develop.
  • Cost and Maintenance – If it is shared hosting, then PHP has very less hosting price while Java applications are difficult to host on Shared hosting. If it is dedicated hosting, both are almost same but in fewer occasions, Java has upper hand.
  • Compatibility – PHP and Java are compatible with other interfaces but PHP is little better in this area.
  • Security – Java is highly secure. On the other hand, PHP is also secure but in very few cases, there might be some security issues because of improper coding due to developers.
  • Salary – The salary of Java programmers is more compared to PHP programmers. Normally PHP developers get an
  • Trends of usage of Fortune 500 companies – Most of the fortune 500 companies develop their applications or website on Java if the application must be robust, complex and highly secure. If they want to quickly start the project, then they go with PHP
  • Freelancers – You will find more numbers of freelancers in PHP compared to Java because PHP is relatively easier to learn and implement while Java takes little time to start.

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