Interview questions and answers for freshers

interview introduction
Interview Questions

Commonly Asked Interview questions

Tell me about yourself?

This is the first question that interviewer asks from a candidate.

  • Give a small brief about yourself.
  • Give brief of your education background.
  • You can also mention your greatest achievements.
  • Tell something interesting hobbies of yours.
  • Don’t be blank in middle.
  • Be confident while giving Introduction.

For Example,

Interviewer: Tell me about yourself?

Candidate: My name is Sam dev. I’m from Bangalore. I have completed my graduation in Computer science from Bangalore University in the year 2017.  My hobbies are playing guitar, traveling and surfing. I stood first in a science competition.

Tips and Tricks for freshers Interview

• Reach early for an Interview.
• Carry 2 copy of Resume and your documents.
• Wear formals. 
• Make eye contact with the Recruiter and be confident.
• Have some knowledge about the company before attending an interview.
• Keep your phone in silent mode.
• Concentrate on their questions and don’t answer blindly. 
• Show, you really want to take the opportunity.
• Ask questions and clear doubts immediately.
• Make your communication skill better.
• Don’t interrupt in between.
• Don’t be overconfidence.
• Stick on your point even if the recruiter diverts you.

How to crack a technical interview

It is one of the interview rounds in which interviewer asks questions related to our academics and job requirement. They see whether you have the knowledge or not in a particular field.
Here are some tips to crack technical interview rounds:
• Practice Technical questions at home.
• Do some brush-up.
• Show a passion for learning.
• Explain about your project very clearly in an interview.
• Try to give extraordinary answers.
• If you don’t know answers say it I don’t know honestly but do not give fake or wrong answers or excuses.
• Go through Job requirements and skills.

How to crack HR Round in interview

HR round is the final round of the interview in many companies. In this round, interviewer checks our communication skills, behavior, stability, attitude, flexibility etc. They will check whether you are suitable or not for a particular post.

Reasons for not getting selected in HR Round

Things to focus for HR Round:

Communication skills:

Try to improve your communication skill and accent. Because the average number of students are getting rejected for bad communication.
For improving your communication skills, try to watch English movies and read English newspaper regularly. Communicate with your friends in English even though if you are not too good, after practicing only you can improve your Communication skills.

A lot of expectation:

An interviewer has much expectation from candidates. Try to stand on their expectations as much as you can.

Lack of Concentration:

Listen to interviewer carefully while they are saying or asking anything from you. Sometimes it happens like we don’t hear questions properly and then we are confused and we don’t know what to say.


Most of the company prefers an employee who is flexible who are willing to work in different shifts and locations. Even though if you are not comfortable to work on shifts, say Yes, sometimes they ask these type of questions to check your flexibility.

Lack of Confidence:

Confidence is good for everyone but don’t be overconfident. Answer confidently whatever you know and stick to your point. Most of the time interviewer will try to confuse you but don’t get confused. Accept if you gave a wrong answer.

Real or fake Answer:

Give honest answers and don’t provide any wrong answer or fake answer. Interviewer likes to hear only good things about their company but doesn’t overdo so that it looks fake. Keep it natural and to the point.

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