<ins> tag

HTML <ins> tag

The <ins> tag is a  way to define an inserted text in HTML document.

Browsers usually underlines inserted text to show that it is an inserted text.

<ins> text…</ins>


<p>Welcome <ins>to</ins> Bangalore</p>

<del> tag with <ins> tag

The <del> tag is a  way to define a deleted text.

In the examples below, first the text is deleted using the <del> tag and a new text is inserted using the <ins> tag.


<p>Welcome <del>in</del> <ins>to</ins> India</p>

Default CSS Value

text-decoration: underline;

How Browser will display


Difference between HTML4.01, XHTML and HTML5

No difference NA No difference

Attributes used with <ins> tag

Attribute Description
cite This defines a URL to another document. This target URL is a page which can show the reason why text was deleted/inserted/quoted.
datetime This shows the date with time when the text was inserted or modified. The format of the datetime is YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssTZD.

Global Attributes

The <ins> tag supports Global attributes.

Event Attributes

The <ins> tag supports Event attributes.

Supporting Browsers

supporting-browsers for tags

Related Tags

<del> tag.

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