Part Time Job

1. JOB PROFILE :Technical Content Writer/Author for CICS

Qualification – BCA/MCA/B-TECH/M-TECH
Experience – At least 2 years of experience in CICS( Customer Information Control System)
Skills Required – COBOL, JCL, VSAM, DB2, CICS.
Location – At your home
JOB Description – The applicant must have sound technical skills on CICS(Customer Information Control System). He or she must know how to code CICS modules and how CICS interacts with COBOL, JCL, VSAM and DB2
How to Apply : Send Resume to with SUBJECT  – ‘Content Writer for CICS’
Job Type: Part Time( Contract Basis) 

2. JOB PROFILE :Technical Content Writer/Author for CSS

Qualification – BCA/MCA/B-TECH/M-TECH/Technical person who knows HTML and CSS well
Experience – 2+ years of experience in CSS( Cascading Style Sheets)
Skills Required – HTML and CSS
Location – At your home or You can work from our office in Bangalore(India)
JOB Description – The applicant must have sound technical skills on HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS(Cascading Style Sheets). He/she must know how to write CSS codes, syntax and examples.
How to Apply : Send Resume to with SUBJECT  – ‘Content Writer for CSS’
Job Type: Part Time 

How much we Pay:
Typically we pay between $100 – $400 depending upon the length and complexity of the the tutorial.The article should not be copied and must be plagiarism free.
– You are required to send at least 1 page sample write up at
– Copied material from any source will not be entertained and will be rejected
– Once we receive your article, our Technical Team will review it and will get back to you
– If your writing is good, we will plan for the topics(table of contents) and the payment details
– We will plan the delivery time and withing the delivery time, you have to submit the tutorial for review
– If there are some review comments, then you have to work on closing the review comments
– You need to sign a contract that the tutorial is not copied from some other sources and once you get the payment, Tutorialbrain will have the full copyright of the resource and you are not going to use the same tutorial anywhere
– Each page will be typically from 500 words to 1000 words depending on the complexity of the topic. Sometimes, it can also vary
Once all the review comments are closed, we will disburse the payment

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