<audio> tag

HTML5 <audio> tag

The <audio> element is used to embed audio in web page.

The main purpose is to play the audio music in the HTML Page.

There are 3 important file formats of this <audio> tag –

  1. mp3 – The MIME Type is audio/mpeg.
  2. wav – The MIME Type is audio/ogg.
  3. ogg – The MIME Type is audio/wav.


  • All the major browsers support the MP3 file format.
  • Most of the browsers support the WAV file format except Internet Explorer.
  • Internet Explorer and safari does not support the OGG file format.
  • Internet Explorer 8 and prior does not support the audio tag.

<audio controls src=”audiofilename.file-type” type=”type=”audio/mime-type”>


<audio controls>
  <source src="html-audio.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">
  Your browser does not support the html audio tag.

Default CSS Value


How Browser will display

BLOCK Level.

Difference between HTML4.01, XHTML and HTML5

NA NA New tag in HTML5

Attributes used

Attribute Description
src This refers to the source URL where the audio file is present. This is mandatory attribute and is coded with the <source> tag.
controls To display the audio control setting for the audio like - volume, mute/unmute, download,play and pause button.
autoplay To automatically play the audio music when the user visits the web page, you need to code autoplay attribute with the controls attribute.
muted This mutes the audio music at start when the user visits the page. The user has to unmute the audio to listen the audio music.
loop This enables the audio to play in a loop to play the audio music again and again.
preload This decides how the audio file will be loaded if the author tries to load in a particular way. It can take one out of these values -
  • auto - To load the entire audio when the user visits the page initially.
  • metadata - To only load the metadata initially when the user visits the page
  • none - NOT to load the audio initially when the user visits the page.

  • By default, preload is none.

    If the audio has autoplay attribute and the preload attribute, then the browser will ignore the  attribute.

    Global Attributes

    The <audio> tag supports Global attributes.

    Event Attributes

    The <audio> tag supports Event attributes.

    Supporting Browsers

    supporting-browsers for tags
    Browser mp3 wav ogg
    Google Chrome Yes Yes Yes
    Internet Explorer Yes No No
    Mozila firefox Yes Yes Yes
    Safari Yes Yes No
    Opera Yes Yes Yes

    Related Tags

    <video>, <source> & <track> tags.

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