Google Slides – Insert Video & Audio

Insert Video

To insert a video, go to Insert -> Video.

Google slides insert video

You have 3 ways to insert a video –

  1. Search via YouTube
  2. By URL
  3. Google drive
Google slides - insert video using youtube search, YouTube url, google drive

Bonus Tips

The Quickest way to insert a video is using YouTube Search.

Video Playback Options

You can change the video playback, Size and rotation, Position, Drop Shadow.

Google slides insert video playback option

In video Playback, you have options like Play(On Click), Play(Automatically), Play(manual).

You can change the start and end time as well.

Insert Audio

To insert an audio, go to Insert  -> Audio.

google slides insert audio

Audio options

You can insert audio in 3 ways –

  1. My Drive
  2. Shared with me
  3. Recent

Select the audio to insert it on your slide.

google slides insert audio options

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