Google Slides Insert Images

Insert images

Inserting images  are the best ways to improve your visual slides presentation.

You can insert images via –

  1. Local computer
  2. Search the Web
  3. Google Drive
  4. Google Photos
  5. By URL
  6. Camera

To insert images, you can follow any of these methods –

  1. In Menu Bar, go to Insert -> Images
Google slides insert images insert menu
  1. In Toolbar, click on ‘Insert Images
Google slides insert image toll-bar
  1. Go to Tools -> Explore and search for the image
google slides insert image using explore
  1. Drag an image from your computer

Duplicate Images

Instead of copying an image, it is better to duplicate the image. The short is Ctrl + D.

How to center an image

To center an image to horizontal or vertical position, right click on the image and go to Center -> Horizontally/Vertically.

Google slides center image horizontally vertically

Formatting options in Image

Once you select an image, you have various options in the toolbar –

Google slides replace format animate image

Under Format options, you have various options such as – 

Google slides image format options

You can change the position, size, rotation, recoloring, adjustments, drop shadow, reflection, etc.

Insert with Safe Search

Why use the built-in Search for insert image?

Google Slides has  a inbuilt feature of inserting images directly from the Web Search.

All the images are safe to be used and we recommend to use this feature of Google Slides.

google slides search web images

Crop image

Sometimes, it is required to crop an image to cut out the extra portion of the image.

To Crop an image, select the image. In the tool-bar, click on ‘Crop Image‘ and adjust the blank handle accordingly.

google slides crop image tool-bar

The alternative is,  right click on the image and click on Crop Image‘ and adjust the blank handle accordingly.

Google slides crop image right click

Another way to crop image is to double click on the image and adjust the black handle  as per your requirements.

Google slides drop handles crop image

Bonus Tips

While dragging the image for cropping, make sure to press Ctrl or Shift to resize it properly.

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