Google Slides – Insert Chart (Bar Graphs, Pie Charts)

How to insert Charts in Google Slides

Charts are added to add a graphical representation of data.

It is a good practice to include a chart to represent statistics in your Google slides.

To show the Charts,  go to Insert -> Chart.

Google slides insert charts

There are 4 types of charts that you can add in Google Slides –

  1. Bar
  2. Column
  3. Line
  4. Pie

You can directly insert the chart from Sheets using the last option ‘From Sheets‘ as shown in the above image.

Insert a Bar Graph

To insert Bar graph, choose ‘Bar‘.

google slides inserts bar graph

How to change the data inside the Bar Graph

You cannot directly use the above chart as it is a sample chart. Click on the ‘Linked Chart options to edit the chart.

Google slides linked chart options change data
Google slides edit chart sheets update

This opens the linked ‘Google Sheet document which can be edited to get your exact chart.

You can edit the data of the chart in the google sheet.

Update the Google Sheet as per your requirements. You can change the data inside the sheet or color of the chart. You can do a lot of changes such as deleting an entire column, or adding  a new column, etc.

Google slides update google sheets

Updated values will be automatically saved and will reflect the changes in the Google Sheets.

Google slides post update google sheets

After, you edit the data in Google sheet, you can come back to the google slides, you have an option to ‘Update’. 

Google slides click update on chart

Click on the ‘Update’ to show the updated chart.

Google slides chart update reflects slide

There are different ways to edit the chart. Watch this video to see how to edit the chart in details –

Bonus Tips

You can insert any type of chart at start such as ‘Bar Graph‘ and change the chart type to any other chart such as ‘Pie Chart‘ by the end. You can see how to achieve this in the above video.

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