Google Slides Image Masking

Mask Image

Image masking is a technique using which you can convert your image to a particular shape.

You can mask an image by cropping it to a particular shape.

Click the image and go to Mask Image‘.

Google slides mask image

Check the video

Check the video here –

Various options to mask an image

Click on Mask Image and you have 4 options –

  1. Shapes
  2. Arrows
  3. Callouts
  4. Equation
Google slides mask image shapes arrows Callouts equation

Mask Image using Shapes

You can mask an image using the Shapes such as Rectangle, Oval, etc.

google slides mask image shapes

Mask Image to Callouts

There are various callouts options – 

google slides mask image callouts
google slides mask image change border color callouts

Similarly, there are other image Masking options like Arrows and Equations. You can try it yourself.

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