JCL REGION Parameter

JCL REGION Parameter

JCL REGION parameter is an optional keyword Parameter and you can define REGION parameter at either JOB Level or STEP Level or at both the places.

  • If you define JCL REGION parameter at the job level, then it is the amount of virtual storage a job requires for execution.
  • If you define REGION parameter at step level(EXEC Statement), then it is the amount of storage a particular job step is allocated.

The Syntax of REGION Parameter in JCL:

Here, K is for kilobytes.
         M is for Megabytes.

If you define this in Kilobytes, it can range from 1 to 2096128.
If you define this as Megabytes, we can range from 1 to 2047.

If REGION parameter is coded at a job as well as step level, then the REGION parameter at job level will always override the REGION parameter at the step level.

Special values of JCL REGION Parameter


All of these above options of REGION Parameter are same. So, if you code REGION=0K or REGION=0M, then you are trying to set the Memory Limit to REGION=NOLIMIT.

You can use any one of these to allocate the maximum available storage.

We recommend you to consult your Mainframe System Admin or the Storage group before you code REGION=0K or REGION=0M in order to avoid any system issues.

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