JCL List of Parameters

As we know that there are 2 types of Parameters. 

They are –

  • Positional Parameters
  • Keyword Parameters

Let us see in detail about the list of Parameters which are part of Positional and Keyword parameters.

List of JCL parameters which comes under Positional Parameters

All the Positional Parameters will have a fix position and we cannot change the position of the positional parameters.

These positional Parameters are –
  1. Accounting Information
  2. Programmer Name or Additional Accounting Information.
  3. PGM Parameter
  4. PROC
  5. Procedure Name

List of JCL parameters under Keyword Parameters

As you know that Keyword Parameters does not follow a fixed position and can appear in any order. So we should not worry about keeping these parameters in which order it were in JCL.

The list of JCL Keyword Parameters are –
  1. CLASS Parameter
  2. MSGCLASS Parameter
  3. MSGLEVEL Parameter
  4. PRTY Parameter
  5. REGION Parameter
  6. RESTART Parameter
  7. TIME Parameter
  8. TYPRUN Parameter
  9. PARM Parameter
  10. NOTIFY Parameter
  11. ACCT Parameter
  12. PARM Parameter
  13. DSN Parameter
  14. DISP Parameter
  15. ADDRSPC Parameter
  16. COND Parameter
  17. DCB Parameter
  18. SPACE Parameter
  19. UNIT Parameter
  20. VOLUME Parameter
  21. SYSIN Parameter
  22. SYSOUT Parameter

We will eventually master all these Parameters as we move further.

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