Brackets themes

Brackets Themes

By default, Brackets has 2 themes. They are –

  1. Brackets Dark
  2. Brackets Light (Default) 

To navigate to Themes, Click on the View -> Themes..

Brackets Themes settings - Changes Themes, Font size and Font Family

From the Theme settings, you can change:

  1. Themes – All the themes installed on the Brackets editor are shown here.
  2. Use Themes Scrollbars – By default, it is checked. If checked, it will use the Theme scrollbar
  3. Font Size – If you wish to change the size of your font, you can set the value here.
  4. Font Family – This displays the current Font family. You can change this if you wish.

How to install new Themes

To install a new Theme, Go to File -> Extension Manager..

Click On “Theme” and click on “Install” button for the theme which you like.

Brackets - How To install a theme In Brackets using Extension Manager

41 Best Themes available in Brackets

Bonus Tips
The idea is that if you like dark background, then install an dark theme. If you like a lighter background, install a light theme.

If you use Bootstrap, try installing a theme which makes your visual good for bootstrap coding.

Similarly, if you use JavaScript excessively, try to use a theme where JavaScript code looks good.

In this Brackets Theme Tutorial, we are going to list the best brackets themes based on our personal choices are.

To browse the complete list of Themes, you can visit the  brackets themes github repository.

Our personal favorite list-

1. Monokai Dark Soda

The Monokai Dark Soda theme is one of the most popular Bracket Theme.

This is a Dark theme and is build on Sublime text’s Monokai Dark Soda.

Our Rating:
Top 10 brackets themes.
Very Popular

2. New Moon

The New Moon theme is moderate contrast Bracket Theme.

This is best suited for Web Development and Design.

Our Rating:
Top 10 brackets themes.
Very Popular

3. Monokai

Another popular Theme based on  Sublime Text’s Monokai Color Scheme is Monokai.

Our Rating:
Top 10 brackets themes.
Very Popular

4. Visual Studio Dark

Based on the idea of visual studio 2013, the

The Visual Studio Dark stands apart from other themes. It’s syntax coloring feature differs from language to language.

Our Rating:
Top 10 brackets themes.
Very Popular

5. Raven

The Raven is another Dark theme. If you like the Raven Theme from Dreamweaver CC, then you would certainly love this theme.

Our Rating:
Top 10 brackets themes.
Very Popular

6. Delkos Dark Theme

The Delkos Dark Theme is a dark theme which makes the code look easy readable and elegant.

Our Rating:
Top 10 brackets themes.
Very Popular

7. Sweet dark

The Sweet dark is a dark theme to make code look more readable as per its author.

Our Rating:
Top 10 brackets themes.
Very Popular

8. Earth

The Earth theme uses Aqua & green colors in most of the part.

9. Monokai Darker Soda

As per the author, if you like coding in late night, then you will love the Monokai Darker Soda theme.

Our Rating:
Top 10 brackets themes.
Very Popular

10. New One Dark

Atom Text Editor is a popular code editor and a popular theme in Atom is One Dark Theme. The New One Dark takes inspiration from the One Dark Theme.

Our Rating:
Top 20 brackets themes.

11. OS X Style - Flat & Dark

The OS X Style – Flat & Dark theme is Deprecated. The author is not actively maintaining this theme but it is still very popular as it is based on iOS 7 color palette.

12. Stripper

The Stripper theme is based on Monokai Dark Soda with little modification on top.

13. Codepen

The Codepen is  a very popular online code editor and the Codepen Theme looks like the default Codepen theme.

Our Rating:
Top 20 brackets themes.

14. Infinite

The infinite is a moderate dark theme and does not have very contrasting colors, rather a moderate one.

15. Chrome Theme

The Chrome Theme theme is a light gray theme which uses less colors and looks simple.

16. Monokai Dark Juice

Suppose, you are looking for a combination of Dark Soda, Monokai Color Schemes and Stripper theme, then the Monokai Dark Juice theme will be perfect for you.

17. Hacker Theme

A black terminal with green texts portrays a picture of a Hacker and the Hacker Theme theme resembles a black terminal with green texts all over it.

18. Default Dark - Base16

The Default Dark – Base16 theme is similar to the default dark theme. 

19. True Ocean - Base16

The True Ocean – Base16 theme is similar to Ocean theme.

20. Tonight's Specials

The Tonight’s Specials includes Coda 2 and is a remake of the ‘Specials Board’ theme.

21. Space theme

The Space theme theme is good theme which is popular among the Programmers. :

22. Neon Morning

The Neon Morning uses the Neon color as its base color. It is similar to Neon theme.

23. Tansidian Theme

The Tansidian Theme is a dark theme inspired by Obsidian and Tango color.

24. One Dark Material Theme

The One Dark Material Theme is a dark theme. The developer is not maintaining this theme actively.

25. EditedTwilight

The EditedTwilight theme claims that you would fall in love with this theme.

But, we did not like the color combination of this theme.

26. Hopscotch

Hopscotch learning is popular for kids and the Hopscotch theme takes inspiration from the Hopscotch platform.

27. Convergent

The Convergent theme is good for PHP & HTML/XML coding. It is a based on the dark theme of Brackets.

28. Orchid Theme

The Orchid Theme theme is becoming popular among some web developers.

29. Plasma Light Theme

The Plasma Light Theme gives a fell of coding C/C++ using old compilers.

30. Kate ++

The Kate ++
theme is ispired from the Ubuntu Gedit, Kate Color.

31. Violet Dark Theme

The Violet Dark Theme is a dark theme with violet color base.

32. New Sun

The New Sun takes inspiration from Twilight, Tomorrow Night Eighties and GitHub/Gist, based on the New Moon Theme.

33. True Tomorrow - Base16

The True Tomorrow – Base16 theme is similar to the Tomorrow theme.

34. Hakoiko Syntax Theme

Inspired by the tumblr’s HTMl editor, the Hakoiko Syntax Theme theme is another dark theme which has little different color combination compared to other themes.

35. Smooth Neutrals

The Smooth Neutrals theme is not maintained by its developer but few designers prefer it. We do not recommend this theme.

36. Paperback theme

The Paperback theme is a blue color theme.

37. Eyeris theme

The Eyeris theme theme is maintained by Pixzl which is a marketing agency.

38. Contrast blue theme

The Contrast blue theme
theme has blue contrasting colors.

39. Violet Light Theme

The Violet Light Theme
theme is is a light theme with violet tag highlighter.

40. Magpie

Based on the color of the magpies, the Magpie theme has made its base color. We do not recommend this theme, although few designers prefer this.

41. Flotsam

The Flotsam theme is based on light navy blue background with white text as the main color.

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