RRDS Stands for ‘Relative Record Data Set’.

Create RRDS Cluster

Example to define an RRDS Cluster

VSAM RRDS - Relative record data set

To create RRDS cluster in VSAM, you can use the utility ‘IDCAMS’ where you need to define the cluster name, Data component of the cluster and details of the cluster like FREESPACE, RECSZ, TRACS, CISZ, VOLUMES etc.


You can go to ‘Data Set List Utility’ to see that the cluster is created. As you can see this in the above picture

How to load records to the RRDS cluster

If you want to load the records to the cluster, you can use ‘REPRO’ command which is similar to how we will do for ESDS and KSDS.

How to delete VSAM RRDS Cluster

If you want to delete VSAM cluster for RRDS, then you can use the ‘DELETE’ functionality of IDCAMS

Syntax 1:

Syntax 2:

How to delete VSAM cluster and set MAXCC as 0 every time

If you try to list this RRDS cluster, it will not be present as it is deleted.

In this case, we are forcing to set MAXCC as 0.

Output cluster will be deleted and MAXCC will be 0

VSAM Interview Question and Answers

1. In RRDS, where we will code the freespace?

a. data
b. Cluster
c. Index
d. Freespace is not applicable for RRD

d. Freespace is not applicable for RRD

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