French – reflexive verb

Reflexive Verbs

Reflexive verbs are verbs in French which are conjugated with the corresponding pronouns as the subjects and the objects of them are the same.

For example: Je is conjugated with me in the below example
Tu is conjugated with te in the below example

Se laver – to wash oneself

Je me lave – I wash myself
Nous nous lavons – we are washing ourselves/we wash ourself

Tu te laves – you wash yourself
Vous vous lavez – you wash yourself (senior/respect/formal)

Il se lave – He is washing himself
ils se lavent – They wash themselves (m) or mix

Elle se lave – She is washing herself
Elles se Lavent – They was themselves (f)

Some commonly used Reflexive verbs are as follows –

Verbs Pronunciation English
Se re’veiller se ray-vayye to wake oneself up
Se lever se levey to get up
Se laver se lavey to wash oneself up
Se baigner se baenye to bathe
Se savonner se saavoney to soap oneself
Se se’cher se sechey to dry oneself
Se de’pe^cher se theypechey to hurry oneself up
Se reposer se reposey to relax
Se raser se raasey to shave by oneself
Se chausser Se Shaussey to wear shoes by oneself
S’ habiller Sabiye to dress oneself up
Se de’shabiller Se desabiye to undress oneself
Se coucher se  cooshey to go to bed by oneself
S’endormir sendhormeer to fall asleep by oneself

** Sometimes “se” in such verbs is also used in reciprocal manner

Nous rencontrons = we meet each other
We will see the above in time permits

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