French – irregular verb

1. avoir form - to have

J’ai (Zhay) – I haveNous avons (nou savon) – We have
Tu as (thyu aa) – You haveVous avez(vou savai) – you have
il a (eel aa) – He hasills ont (eel zon)- They have- male
Elle a (el aa) – She hasElles ont ( el zon) – They have – female

2. etre - on top of e '^' - meaning - to be

Je Suis (Zhe swi) = I amNous sommes ( nou som) = we are
Tu es (tyu a) = You areVous e^tes ( vou seth) = you are —polite form – respect
il est (eel a) = He isIlls sont (eels son)  – they (male) are
Elle est ( ael a) = She isElles sont ( ael son) = they (female) are

Let's learn another verb (Irregular) Venir - to come

Je viens (Zhe veeyen) – I comeNous venons( nou venon) – We come
Tu  viens ( Thyu veeyen ) You come Vous venez ( vou venai) – You come
ill vient (eel veeyen) He comesills viennent(eel veeyenn) – They come
Elle vient (el veeyen) She comes Elles viennent(el veeyenn) – they come
je vais – I goNous allons – we go
Tu vais – you govous aller  – you go
ill va – he goes ils vont – They go (m) or mixed group of gender(mf)
regarderspell it like reehadi – to look/watch

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