French – Grammar for -The


Use these in the context for 'the'

“L'”stands for ‘the’ for vowel starting words.
“Le”stands for “the” for masculine objects -le
“La”stands for “the” for feminine objects -la
“Les”stands for some for masculine or feminine objects in plural – say lay


Les articles de’finiis (lay saarthicl defini)
Here article is a plural – Les

The vowels in French are A,E,I,O,U + h which is silent + y


1.  Lampe – f – La
2. ventillateur – m – Le
3. Placard – m – Le

C’est une—–plume est bleu
C’est un— ordinateur.—ordinateur est de Tamaal
C’est — stylo.C’est …style de pierre

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