French – Conjugation in french

French - Alphabets


Je Suis (Zhe swi) = I am

Tu es (tyu a) = You are

il est (eel a) = He is 

Elle est ( ael a) = She is


Nous sommes ( nou som) = we are

ills sont (eels son)- they(male) are

Vous êtes ( vou seth) = you are — polite form – respect

Elles sont ( ael son) = they (f) are

**if both male and female is present in a group and you want to address that group – ills
F+F – elles
M+F – ills
M+M – ills


Je suis— indien                   Nous sommes—–francais

Tu es—-Professeur              Vous  êtest — étudiant

il est—- indien                    Elles sont—–filles

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