How to create an Image Gallery in WordPress

To add images in a grid or column instead of one picture at a time we use Image Gallery. If you want to display multiple images to your website, then Image Gallery is the best option.

You can also add Image and Border Image with CSS and HTML to make your image gallery look more attractive and beautiful. Using, HTML & CSS requires you to have a technical knowledge of HTML and CSS. 

In this article, we will NOT be using HTML & CSS to create an image gallery, rather we will show you how you can easily create Image Gallery in WordPress.

Steps Required

From Dashboard go to Pages then either Create New Page or select the page where you want to create an image gallery and click on Edit Page

And select Add Media to add images.

click on media

Now, click on Create Gallery and select required number of images from media library or upload files from your computer.

create gallery

Once you upload an image, you can select a number of columns required for an image gallery.

(For example, if we upload 9 images and set the column to 3 then, image gallery will appear in 3 column and 3 rows.)

After setting the column, click on Insert Gallery to add image gallery in WordPress Page.

An Image gallery is created and this is how it looks.

Image Gallery

How to create an image gallery using Elementor

We can also create a beautiful image gallery using Elementor. Here are steps to create an image gallery using elementor.

Go to page Edit screen from WordPress Dashboard and click on Edit With Elementor.

Note: Edit with Elementor option will come only when you installed Elementor Plugin.

Add new section by clicking +icon and drag and drop Image Gallery Widget from Elementor widget area in left column.

elementor image

Click on Add Images and Upload Images or select from media library. Then click on Create a New Gallery and click Insert Gallery.

Once images are added you can edit image gallery widget to set the size of the image, columns, ordering, and lightbox for an image in the Content section.

And In Style Section, you can set spacing, border type, border radius, caption, etc.
In the Advanced Section, you can set margin, padding, Z-index, Entrance animation, background, border, etc.

This is the image gallery created using Elementor image gallery widget.

So, we learned to add Image Gallery using Elementor plugin and from default WordPress editor. Now you can make your own Image Gallery!!!

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