How to add social share buttons to WordPress

Social media sharing Buttons make it easy for your blog visitors to share your great content with their friends. It provides many benefits.

So, on this page, we will learn how to add social share buttons to WordPress.

Social Media Share Buttons

Benefits of linking Social Media to the website are:-

  • Promotes your Website.
  • Increase Brand Exposure.
  • Improve SEO.
  • More visitors come to your website.
  • Improves Ranking of your website.
  • People can easily and quickly find your website.

Steps Required

  • Go to the Dashboard and click on Pages then All Pages.
  • Click on Edit Page to edit the page in which you want to add social share Buttons.
  • Edit with Elementor and Add a Section to your page.
  • After adding a section, search HTML in  Search Widget and then drag and drop HTML Widgets to each section.
Wordpress widget

Steps to add the Facebook share button

  1. Search Facebook share button for the website in the browser then, Click on facebook for developer.
  2. Select the Share button from the left column and paste URL of the page in “URL to share” section. In Layout, select button type and Button Size which you want to add.
share button configurator
  1. Once you set everything click in Get code then select Iframe and copy the code.
  1. Paste that code in HTML Widgets.

You can also give Like button and share button both in the same way by clicking on Like Button Option.

Steps – Click on Like Button Option in the left side and paste the URL to “share section”.
Then, set Layout, Button Size, Action type and click on Get Code then Iframe and copy the code.

like button configurator

So, the Facebook share button is added now. 

Steps to add Twitter Share Button

Here are the Steps to add Twitter Share Button.

  1. Search Twitter share button for the website in the browser then, Click on How to add the Tweet button to your Website – Twitter support.
  2. Click on and paste your Twitter account URL.
  1. Go down, To add buttons click on Twitter Buttons option then select share button(To add buttons) and Copy the Code.
Twitter button
customization option
  1. Now, paste the copied code in the HTML Widget.

We have successfully added Twitter Button.

Steps to add a LinkedIn share button

  1. Search the LinkedIn button for the website in the browser and Click on Plugins LinkedIn Developer Network.
  2. Click on share and again click on share under Plugin Section. Copy the code and paste it in HTML widgets.
  3. Go down, To add buttons click on Twitter Buttons option then Select share button(To add buttons) and  Copy the Code.

Paste the copied code and here you need to add your LinkedIn account URL inside a “data-URL attribute”.

html code

Great!!!! you added share buttons to your WordPress page.
So, this is how we can add the social share button to the WordPress page easily without using any plugins.

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