French – Singular and plural

French - Singular and plural objects - This is, these are

C’est – This is – pronunciation – say
Ce sont – These are – pronunciation – say saun

1. C’est un—– Livre –masculine singular
2. Ce sont Des— Livres –plural


Example –for objects

C’est – say-This is
Ce sont – say son – These are

1. C’est —– Livre
2. Ce sont des—— livres

This is book


c’est un livre

These are books


Ce sont des livres

Q – Qu’est – ce que c’est? 

What is this?

spell it like – kay-se-ke-say

It’s a bookC’est un livre
It’s a notebookC’est un cahier
It’s a deskC’est un pupitre
It’s a benchC’est un banc
It’s a tableC’est une table

cashier – cahier—some what related

C’est un – Say-thun
C’est une – Saythyune

For making objects plural in French, we add a silent “S” to them
Exception —>** if they end with “eau”, we add “x”.

Singular and Plural


C’est un banc



Ce sont des bancs

C’est un cahier


Ce sont des cahiers

C’est un pupitre


Ce sont des pupitres

C’est un tableau


Ce sont des tableaux

Practice few more examples on your own

—-For people …we say-
Qui est-ce? — say key-a-se == who is this?

C’est Mahatma Gandhi
C’est Tamal


Practice few more examples on your own

un livre

des plumes

des pupitres

des stylo

a book 

a black board 

some desk 

some pens 


Q. Est-ce un livre? (ay-se) – Is this a book?
A – Oui, c’est un livre = yes, this is a book

Non(n-on) Ce n’est pas un livre –se nay
pasun livr = No this is not a book

Note in English is translated into ne and pas in front of and at the back of the verb in a sentence-No – Nepa

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