Adding Video to Slide

Adding video

Adobe Captivate allows you to add a video to the slide as required and supports different kinds of formats.

You can synchronize the video with the contents of the slide but you cannot add a video to locked slides, quiz slides, and slides which are already having a synchronized video.

Let’s see how to add a video to the slide from the computer-

  • Select the required slide to add the video.
  • Go to the Media menu and Select the Video.
  • From Insert Video dialog box, select ‘Slide Video‘ and choose the ‘From your Computer‘.
Adobe captivate add video
  • Now, browse the path of your required file stored in local drive using the ‘File Pathfield.

Try to import the video from the local disk rather than the shared drive to finish the process without much delay.

  • Select the Video Type as Progressive Download.
  • Leave the URL field empty as you have selected the ‘From your Computer
  • From the ‘Show Video On‘ dropdown, choose Stage for showing the video on the slide and choose TOC for presenting the video on the TOC.
  • Now, choose any one option from the two options that are presented below Show Video On option-
  1. Modify slide duration to accommodate the video This allows you to add the video for the selected slide. It increases the duration of the slide, if the video duration time is more time than slide duration.
  2. Distribute the video across slides– This allows you to add the video across different slides. Once you choose this, it will ask for the slide numbers for which the video should be added. The synchronized video which is added across different slides are connected internally and video is synchronized with the slides. If you edit the video from a slide, then changes are reflected on the video which is synchronized across different slides.
  • Click OK to add the Video to the Slide as required.

Hera are the some of the important features of the Slide Video. It is compatible with the interactive video and the playback will be in sync with the slide. You can use captivate play-bar for controlling the video and it is compatible with the closed captions. Internet is not required for adding the video. It increases the size of the captivate project.

Let’s see how to add a video from YouTube to the slide-

  • Select the required slide for adding the video.
  • Go to the Media menu and select the Video
  • From the Insert dialog box, select the Slide Video and choose YouTube video option
Adobe captivate add youtube video
  • Paste or enter the URL of the YouTube video in the URL field
  • You can edit the start and end time of the video using the Start Time and End Time
  • Click OK to add the YouTube Video to the Slide

Make sure that your video duration doesn’t exceed more than 900 seconds because it will slowdown the system performance.

Here are the some of the important features of the YouTube Video

  1. It is compatible with the interactive video and playback is sync with the slide.
  2. You can use captivate play-bar controls.
  3. You can use YouTube closed captions. It will not increase the size of the project, but it requires internet access.

Let’s see how to modify or edit the video after importing to the slide-

You can resize the video after importing by dragging the handles of the video as required.

To change the video timing, go to the Video menu and select Edit Video Timing. Use Edit tab to apply the changes such as duration and previewing the slide for checking the changes applied. Under the Timeline window, use the cursor to make bookmarks at specific time and divide it accordingly.

You cannot add an additional audio to the synchronized video. You can delete the video at any point of time in project by clicking the Delete icon and selecting OK.

You can add a slide at the beginning and end of the project to control the video distribution.

Let’s see how to add an Event Video

  • To create an Event Video, click on the Media icon and select Video.
  • From Insert Video dialog box, choose the Event Video.
  • Then, use the Browse option to upload the required video from your computer.
  • There is another option for uploading the video is from Adobe Media Streaming Server or Flash Player Server in case you have the file stored over there.
  • After you upload the file using anyone of the option then click OK to upload the file.

Using event video you can add multiple videos to a slide, but using the slide video you can add only one video to different slides.

Playback is independent with the slide. It can only be placed on the stage but not on the TOC. It doesn’t support closed captioning and synchronizing with the slide. You can pause the slide until the end of the video. It doesn’t require internet access.

Editing of the Event Video

Adobe captivate allows you to make some edits to the event video. Once you add the event video using above instructions, then you can resize the video to fit the video to the screen. You can also drag the handles of the video as per your requirement.

Adobe captivate add video properties

You can also change the skin of the event video by using the Property Inspector menu. To change the skin, go to the Property Inspector menu and click on the Skin drop-down and select the Skin as required. You can also remove the skin to the video by selecting the None from the drop-down.

Under the Property Inspector menu, you can find Auto Play and Auto Rewind checkbox. You can check or uncheck those boxes to auto play or auto rewind the video in the slide.

Under the Timing menu, you can check ‘Pause slide till end of video to pause the slide for the video to finish the playback. To change the shadow and reflection properties of the video, go to the Shadow and Reflection from the Property Inspector menu and select the required effects.

Use the Timing menu, to change the duration of the video for specific time, rest of slide, and rest of project.

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